What is Dungeon Runner?

Dungeon Runner is a 2D platformer with a high quality modern-retro design. The game is based on surviving several levels and passing them. Levels are set into chapters. Each chapter provides more difficult levels.

You're playing as Bjorg, a cave discoverer who's fallen into a adventure that nobody can imagine. You will be facing off monsters, puzzles and obstacles that you will need to pass in order to make it to the next dungeon. Once you've passed all the levels, you can finally get out of this hell-hole that once was believed to be the greatest challenge for a cave enthusiast.

Development info

The game is developed by me; Jonathan Öhrström. I'm a Swedish independent game developer on my spare time and I've loved programming ever since I was 11. This project was started in December 2015 and is currently planned to be released late/mid spring 2016 to PC, Mac & Linux.

I have made several games before, but this will be the first game I've ever released on a major platform like Steam.

Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Öhrström • The game is available for PC/Mac/Linux. Steam required.
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